The Pros and Cons of Press Releases

Press releases are any information, usually business information, that is released to the public through written content. In the online world, press releases are much like articles, with the only difference that these are actually announcing something.

There are press release directories such as where these press releases can be submitted. The press releases are immediately picked up by the directories because they need to be as current as possible and if they have been optimized efficiently with keywords, they will begin ranking highly on Google and other search engines.

Multilevel marketers and other business people have been using press releases to announce their business opportunities since even before the advent of the Internet. However, with the Internet, it has become possible to submit press releases almost free of cost and have a much wider exposure for them through SEO.

What are the Pros of Press Releases?

Press release directories over the Internet allow placing links of websites. Thus, they can be looked upon as a traffic building or even a lead generation technique. Because of the presence of features such as Google Alerts through which interested people are constantly checking out advancements in their fields of interest, it is very likely that targeted traffic will begin building up soon.

A press release carries with it the impression of something important happening. It helps keep the business “in the news” in the literal sense. That is the reason most marketers are leveraging their promotional campaigns with press releases.

What are the Cons of Press Releases?

Owing to the fact that press releases can bring in a lot of traffic very soon, a lot of marketers have begun using them even when they do not have anything very note worthy to announce. This is bringing a bad name to all online press releases.

A professional writer will be required to write a press release because of the newsy language that is required to draft it. At the same time, the write must know about keyword optimization. It can be difficult to get a writer that has both these qualities and may prove costly.