The Pros and Cons of Ad Swapping

Ad swap is a joint venturing technique in which email ads are exchanged between two webmasters. To do this effectively, the webmasters must have a list of subscribers of their own. These webmasters can then introduce another joint venture partner into the group. This joint venture partner will communicate through email, which can be tracked through autoresponders.

Thus, there are three main steps in joint venture ad swapping. The first step is to create a list of subscribers, which must be at least 500. The second step is to find joint venture partners to swap ads with. The third step is to actually swap ads with them by submitting a proposal to them.

What are the Pros of Ad Swapping?

The most obvious benefit is the fact that it brings a huge list of people to the webmasters. By joint venturing with other people, they are directly multiplying the list that they have.

Ad swapping is a game of equality. It doesn’t matter if one webmaster has a smaller list and the other one has a larger list. If they are in a joint venture, they will still swap ads over their lists. This may benefit one more than the other, but the main point is that both are benefited.

It brings more people to opt in to newsletters from where further promotional tactics can be used. There is a scope for diversifying markets too, because the webmaster is getting a list almost out of the blue.

What are the Cons of Ad Swapping?

It is a slow process. The first step – getting subscribers – will need to be done through article marketing, blogging, etc. This could take time. The second step is both time consuming and difficult. It is not easy to find a person interested in a joint venture and who would also be ready to swap ads.