What Are Ezine Solo Ads?

Ezines are electronic newsletters. These are usually delivered to people through their email ids. When people visit websites, they are sometimes asked to subscribe to newsletters on those websites. This is how ezines are delivered. Now, since the ezines are delivered for free, they try to make money through advertising. These ads are sent to people with the newsletter.

There are actually three kinds of ads that ezines carry – classified ads, sponsored ads and solo ads. Out of these three, solo ads are the most significant for marketing purposes because they will be sent without any other content. Their prices may be higher, but they guarantee better visibility and consideration from the receivers.

What are the Pros of Ezine Solo Ads?

These ads are very effective in building targeted leads. People who subscribe to newsletters are those that are interested in the product in some way. Since the ezine solo ads will be only going out to these interested people, the traffic obtained through them is targeted.

Because the solo ads are devoid of any other content except the copy of the ad itself, there are no distractions for the recipient. They concentrate only on the ad and are prompted to take some kind of action.

Autoresponders can be used to automate the responses obtained on these ads. This makes the whole process quite convenient for the advertisers.

What are the Cons of Ezine Solo Ads?

Because of their exclusivity, they can be very costly. A single ezine solo ad can cost about $100. Hence, marketers cannot do this often.

A lot depends on the newsletter that is associated with the solo advertisement. It is important to check the quality of the newsletter, the number of subscribers it has, the frequency of it getting mailed, etc. Though these ads are solo ads, it must be checked what other solo ads the newsletter sends. A lot of solo ads can lead to a loss in credibility.