What Kinds of Video Do Good for Video Marketing?

It is true that video marketing is the new wave in online marketing, and especially for multilevel marketing businesses, but it is also true that it has to be done correctly. Just as in any other method of promotion, in video marketing also, it is important to tap the right nerves of the watchers so that they consider buying into the opportunity.

The following are the four most effective kinds of videos that you can make:-

Videos Describing the Product

These are short videos that speak briefly about the product. They are built more like PowerPoint presentations where the features, benefits, etc. are worked in a bullet format so that the viewer can understand them easily. For your online  business promotion, you can use the video to explain the concept of the business telling people mostly what they will have to do and what they will get in return for that. Also, various statistical points like people who are already progressing with the network and making good incomes can be a part of the presentation videos.

Videos Reviewing the Product

These are subtler videos, but they do work for the business. You could get a third party review your business opportunity in a matter-of-fact manner. These videos have big impact because the people watching the videos think that your opportunity is big enough to merit a review. Reviews always help for branding, whether they are positive or negative. You will get a brand built up, and of course, most reviewers will highlight the positive points. Some entrepreneurs actually hire people to do reviews for them in the form of video presentations.

Videos Giving Instructions

The videos that give instructions are designed mostly like tutorial videos. They are helpful to the end user in a lot of ways because they show them how the product (or in this case, your online opportunity) works. The instructions need to be easy to follow. Such videos have the greatest possibility of being bookmarked so that people who have watched them once will keep watching them over and over again.

Headshot Videos

These work for promotion and for adding to your own publicity as a sponsor. You speak about the product and the video essentially captures you as you are talking. The effect here is that the viewer knows that you are a real flesh-and-blood person, capable of emotions and expressions and that they can do business with you.

There are different kinds of videos being used for online promotion. Consider which will be best for your business and go ahead with them.

What Are the Pros and Cons of YouTube Marketing?

Hardly ever has any kind of online marketing become as dependent on a single website as it has become on YouTube. YouTube singlehandedly defeats all article directories in terms of sheer traffic. Hence, it is no surprise that marketers are looking upon YouTube to expand their networks.

Basically, YouTube marketing is nothing but video marketing using YouTube. The marketer makes a video and submits it to YouTube. The video is accompanied by a title and a description, both of which are search engine optimized with keywords.
The video becomes visible not only to the YouTube users but also to the general public. In most cases, people who use YouTube for expanding their business will include a link of their business website in the video so that it can generate traffic.

What are the Pros of YouTube Marketing?

YouTube is probably Internet’s most visited site, with traffic of millions of people each day. The popularity of YouTube is indicated by the fact that Google purchased YouTube for a mind-boggling sum of $1.65 billion. It is privilege to be featured on this site, for almost free, and take advantage of its amazing search engine optimization.

Because of the huge community that YouTube has, it is a great place to virally market business opportunities. As people comment more and more about the video, it leads to branding.

YouTube can bring a good amount of traffic to business websites. It needs to be used efficiently in order to achieve this. YouTube marketing works constantly at driving this traffic. Once the video is made and submitting, it will keep directing people to the website in an automated manner.

What are the Cons of YouTube Marketing?

The method can prove daunting to some marketers because it entails making a video and putting it up on the Internet, for global consumption.

The videos need to be carefully thought out and shot so that they do not become run-of-the-mill. There are hundreds of videos on YouTube in various niches already and great SEO is needed to make the video visible over the competitors’. It is also important to put highly interesting content that holds the viewer appeal.

How to Use Your Promotional Videos to Make More Money

If you play your cards well, you can use your videos not just to promote your business opportunity over the Internet, but to actually make some money through them. This could be a source of passive income. In fact, many marketers are already using their videos in such a manner and they are finding that they are really doing well at that.

Here are some methods in which you can make some additional income using your promotional videos.

Sell Your Product through Them

This is the most direct way. Though you are promoting your online business opportunity here, you can always chip in a word or two about the product that it concerns. If you do this well, you will probably find some people who are not much interested in the online opportunity but want to try out the product that you are selling. This works anyway for you, because online business is about building networks marketing.

Build a List

Build a list is an indirect method of promotion. In your video, promise something free for your viewers, such as an eBook or a newsletter or something. Provide them a link where they can go to get this stuff. Direct this link to a lead capture page.
Here, the visitors will be asked for their email id before they can get the free gift. A lot of people will give you this contact information if your gift is valuable. In that manner, you will be building a list, who you can then pursue through further marketing methods. Having a list is always a good idea because you have a list of people who are interested in your product and need only a little push to buy whatever it is you are selling.

Provide Incentives

You would not think this is a method to earn money, but it is the oldest marketing gimmick in the world. If you give something to people to promote a product, they will take time out to do so. Promise some rewards to people who promote your videos on their website or blogs. You can make them your affiliates. Even if you are spending, you are getting a lot of visibility and business.

Communicate with Your Viewers

This may also seem like an indirect method of making money, but it does work. When you put up your video on a video sharing site, people will talk about it. This allows you to talk to them too, by commenting. You can convince them into your opportunity quite emphatically through such communication, thus increasing your viral marketing potential and your business itself.