What’s the Secrets of Turning Your Website Traffic Into Sales?

All right now – so you have your site up, and you are very proud of it. You are so happy with your site that it takes a while for it to sink in that although it’s a great site, it’s absolutely useless if only you, your mom and your preferred ‘other’ are the only people to go see it. You need traffic – but not just any website traffic, as there are ways for you to get tons of hits to your site that will drive it up the rankings.

What you need is quality traffic that you can turn into the main thing you and everyone else with a site are after –real traffic, those that buy, click on the ads and all those lovely ways to make some extra cash from your project. Here’s a couple of no-brainer ways to get this going for you.

1) Get yourself an opt-in list – simply have a ‘join our newsletter’ box on your site, you’ll then start building a list of likeminded people (it’s important that they are like minded, so they will get what you send them) then send your specials or updates on a semi regular basis to the list. It works.

2) If your site is for a product, create an affiliate program so you can have other people sell your product for you. Millions have been made from this, even if it’s only a brandable e-book. This is also a great way to generate real traffic to your product.

3) Post in forums, “tweet” out with the best of them, “digg” like crazy, alert everyone whenever you update your site, let the world know what you find “del.icio.us”, let other’s “stumble” onto your post’s – making sure that you ALWAYS have your site address appended at the end of the messages you send. (If you don’t know any of the above terms in the quotes, just search for them – you’ll see). This will get you quality traffic, as the people wouldn’t be going there after reading your post if they didn’t want to find out what you’re talking about. With this type of targeted traffic, your half way there to making those all-important sales.

4) Make sure your site is optimized to be indexed by all those meta crawlers and spiders out there. This means do not use frames. This means do not spam! Not if you want quality hits, and return visitors.  Don’t forget, return hits mean they want something from the site.

5) Keywords. All important. Frankly, the best way for this to work is to ensure that each page of your site has being optimized individually for keywords. Why? Well, if your page is optimized for your keywords, you will get real traffic that is very targeted to your specific product.  Someone may just want to go straight to buying your product, and not care about the rest of the site info and setup.

6) Get backlinks going that coincide with the main topic of your site, keep them relevant, and make sure that you do add the other website’s links into your site somewhere.

7)Update, update, update. Every time you update, use #3 above, and you’ll soon see tons of website traffic coming your way. These are all free methods that work. None of them will make it happen overnight, but they do work. So, enjoy and put these methods in place for gathering your worthwhile traffic that will buy.

Looking for the Quickest and Easiest Way to Increase Website Traffic?

Whether you are growing up your first Internet business or you are in a place where you realize that your Internet endeavors could be getting more attention, you’ll find that you need to look into ways to increase website traffic.  Through increasing website traffic, you can get more attention and at the end of the day, you’ll certainly make more conversions!  However, this is something that is much easier said than done. Unless you have studied the way that people search and find the information that they need, it may be hard for you to implement measures that will draw people to your home.

What do you need to do to bring people to your website quickly and effectively?  The truth is that there is no one correct answer, only the one that will work the best for you.  We all work hard when it comes to selling and promoting different products and services, and the truth of the matter is that the more you know about your niche and the people in it, the better you can direct type of marketing you do.  As with any aspect of business, the more you can specify and the more you can work towards giving your customers a very good idea of who you are and what you do, the better off you are going to be.

For instance, one great technique when you are thinking about quick and easy ways to increase traffic is to start posting articles.  When you are looking for both unique content and for text based items that will draw in the search engines, articles are a great way to go.  If you have the expertise, you can write them yourself, or if you are more interested in speed and professional writing quality, you can outsource it to someone else.

Another very basic, very fast way to increase website traffic is to look into pay per click advertising.  With pay per click advertising, a small banner ad that you create  will go up on certain sites or when certain key terms are searched on the search engines.  Whenever someone clicks your link to go to your site, you will pay the parent company some very small amount of cash, usually in the cents or even the half-cents amount.  You can choose how much money you want to pay per day or per week, and the best part is that you are only paying for traffic that you know has come to your site!

There are lots of ways to make sure that you can increase your website traffic, but the important thing that you have to remember is that it should specific the type of services you provide.  Advertising that is not geared towards your target audience is not going to do you much good, so the more you learn about your industry and your business, the better your advertising and can be.  Make sure that you pay a lot of attention towards ways to increase website traffic; it might be the best decision that you have ever made.